Bee Products for Winter Wellness

Honey pours from above onto a silver spoon and into a white bowl.

We all know that keeping our bodies strong and healthy means we strengthen our immunity in winter, and increase our chance of faster recovery if we do fall prey to illness.  Using bee products for winter wellness is a defence less known but quite effective.

A bee sits on a yellow flower.

On top of obvious advice such as eating plenty of colourful fruit and veg, keeping warm and dry, and washing hands regularly, as a naturopath, I recommend bee products frequently. 

Bee products have been used for thousands of years by Indigenous cultures, and are a great line of both defence and treatment. 

If you have a known bee allergy, it is inadvisable to take any bee products internally.

The super power of Manuka

Manuka honey daily diet is an effective food medicine, if taken in the right strength and quantities.  Manuka has healing properties for the digestive tract – as a Naturopath I believe all health begins in the gut.  All good Manuka displays a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) count, to show the strength of the antiseptic properties.  Using a teaspoon of UMF5+ daily is a great line of defense, as well as soothing digestive inflammation and sore throats.  Higher UMF’s can be used in the treatment of illness – the higher the UMF, the stronger the effect. 

Honey pours from above onto a silver spoon and into a white bowl.

Bee pollen is known as a superfood, and can be added to cereals, smoothies, or sprinkled onto foods.  It contains a high amount of amino acids (building blocks of protein), and B vitamins.  A teaspoon daily is an average adult dose of this wonderful nutrient packed bee product, to be used all year round and not just for winter wellness.

Propolis has a protective effect on the body as a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antibiotic and antioxidant.  You will find propolis combined with honey in lozenges and cough syrups, tablets and tinctures. 

My approach as a naturopath is to treat the whole body, boost vitality and prevent potential illness.  I utilise food, herbs, BodyTalk, emotional healing & BioFeedback technology to create a unique blend that is individual to each person.  I host regular workshops that help you build optimal immunity including bee products for winter wellness.

Mikaela Duffy is a naturopath working at Ohana Health and Wellbeing in North Lakes. She loves to work with adults, children and babies in all areas of health. 


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