Herbal Body Treatment

A herbal body treatment incorporates the topical use of plant medicine via various mediums.  The skin is the largest organ, and through the bypassing of the digestive system can effectively deliver the properties from a plant directly into the body to achieve the desired result. Using herbal infusedcompresses & oils, I create individualised body treatments to support the body through topical application.  Plant medicine works not only on the physical, but the emotional state of a person, so by applying plants in a conscious way we encourage the body to ‘let go’.  In doing this the nervous system relaxes, and a clearing of old belief systems, emotional blockages & patterns of behaviour can occur.  The very state of release allows us to ‘see our reality’ and effectively release what no longer serves us.  The power of plants is subtle yet very powerful.

All sessions can be done within your naturopathy consult or booked as a separate session.  Treatments are relaxing & nurturing, and can help with one or more of the following:

calming down the nervous system to relax the mind and emotions (total sensory experience including binding of the whole body if you feel comfortable to do this)
~ supporting liver function for optimum digestion and reduction of bloating
constipation relief
hormone balance & reduced PMS or painful periods
~ reducing adhesions/congestion in the reproductive system & bowel
toning the uterus and internal organs post partum (also available as part of a home visit for new mums)

Herbal treatments can be booked as a stand alone session (30 mins) or included within naturopathy or nutrition appointment.