How much sleep should you be getting at night?

How much sleep should you be getting at night?

Sometimes “adulting” seems to be all about worrying if your click and collect order is going to have substitutes and how much sleep should you be getting at night?!

The average adult is recommended to have seven to nine hours of sleep per night.┬áMost of us need between seven and nine hours sleep to wake feeling refreshed, but research says many of us don’t manage it. Apart from permanent tiredness, the result of too little sleep is headaches, bad moods, poor memory and fussy eyes.

Sleep is so important for healing, growth, recovery, maintaining a healthy stress response just to name a few!

Things you can do to help maintain a healthy sleep pattern include:

  • Have a bedtime routine (aka go to sleep and wake up roughly at the same time every day!) and avoid napping through the day.
  • Don’t exercise after 9pm, as working out increases energy levels for several hours afterwards.
  • Make sure you go to bed tired (your routine will help with this). Tossing and turning is stressful, not soothing. If you’re not asleep after an hour, get up and read. You want your bed to be associated with rest, not frustration.
  • Try not to eat in the two hours leading up to bed but try a relaxing cup of herbal tea. Try a special nighttime infusion or camomile tea to help you nod off.
  • Keep your room nice and dark. It will tell your brain it is time for sleep.
  • Limit technology use in the lead up to bedtime and if you can, leave your phone out of your bedroom.
  • Introduce meditation in your evenings. This could become part of your routine.
  • Make sure your bedroom is not too warm.
  • Keep things quiet with earplugs or use white noise, such as a ceiling fan for a consistent hum.

How much sleep you should be getting at night will be within that window of two hours. Everyone is different but by introducing some of the ideas above you will find your routine and rest.

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