Meet The Ohana Team

Ohana Health and Wellbeing is a family of like minded, skilled, smart and friendly natural health professionals. Together we are a work family who is dedicating our professional lives to helping your family have infinite health and happiness.

Dr. Jolene Cooney – Chiropractor

Dr Jolene Cooney, chiropractor at Ohana Health and Wellbeing in North Lakes.

Dr. Jolene Cooney is a passionate chiropractor, avid reader and researcher, continually curious and constantly in wonder and awe of how amazing the human body is. A self proclaimed nerd, Jolene is a regular at conferences and seminars always updating her knowledge especially in the field of paediatrics, neurology and nutrition. 

Jolene’s journey into Chiropractic started with her Aunt, she was and still is an amazing chiropractor. Through her Aunt’s care and later working as a receptionist at her practice, Jolene knew she wanted to be just like her. From high school it was straight to the University of Queensland to complete Jolene’s Bachelor in Science majoring in Anatomy and Physiology.

From there Jolene moved to Sydney to complete her Masters in Chiropractic. Upon graduating she worked at Chiro Care for Kids in Sydney for 2 1/2 years working closely with a mentor to up skill in her chosen field of interest, paediatrics. In 2006 Jolene moved back to her home town of Brisbane and eventually settled in North Lakes.

Jolene’s other great loves are her family and travel. She am happily married to her high school sweet heart and they have two kids (her greatest teachers), and one fur baby (just to keep life more interesting and chaotic) together.

Dr. Bronwyn Miller – Chiropractor

Dr Bronwyn Miller, chiropractor at Ohana Health and Wellbeing in North Lakes.

Dr. Bronwyn Miller (Bron) began her chiropractic journey in high school when she started regular chiropractic treatment and went on to become a chiropractic assistant at the clinic. It was here that she was exposed to the wide range of benefits that chiropractic can bring to people of all ages. 

Bron then went on to become a registered nurse, working in both private and public hospitals, she settled into both emergency and oncology care.  During this time she thought there had to be more to health care than hospitals and she made the decision to move to Melbourne and study at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor Health Science (Chiropractic) and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic.

Outside of the clinic, Bron loves to visit the beach and markets and she is a proud dog mum to Harold. 

Dr. Fiona Couchman – Chiropractor

Dr Fiona Couchman, chiropractor at Ohana Health and Wellbeing in North Lakes.

Dr Fiona started seeing a chiropractor at the age of 8. Her family understood the importance of a body that moves well, functions well; therefore, chiropractic was apart of her and her family’s regular health care routine. It was only a natural progression that Fiona decided to become a chiropractor herself.

Fiona started her study with a Bachelor of BioMedical Science at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. She then moved to Sydney and studied a Masters of Chiropractic, where she graduated in 2003. Since then, Fiona has worked in a number of chiropractic clinics in Brisbane, and even had her own clinic for a couple of years. Fiona has also done locums all over Australia, including a remote mining town in North West WA and small beach communities along the East Coast.

Fiona has clinical experience seeing people of all ages, from tiny newborn babies to grandparents. And of course, all people and ages in between. Her on going continual professional development has seen Fiona do seminars on a range of topics, including: neurology, postural correction, nutrition, and paediatric care.

Outside of being a chiropractor, Fiona enjoys bike riding, yoga, and hiking (especially multi day hiking with a back pack!).

Mikaela Duffy – Health Practitioner

Mikaela Duffy, naturopath and nutritionist North Lakes

Mikaela Duffy’s journey as a health practitioner started out in the UK, where she trained in many aspects of ‘energetic’ healing over the course of ten years. Her working background was in the field of community outreach, disability and mental health services, and child care, so she was always meant for ‘caring’ in one role or another.

Mikaela moved to Australia in 2004 to study Bachelor degrees in both Naturopathy and Nutrition. She gained work experience at a boutique health retreat at the Sunshine Coast in her final year, and went into clinical practice on graduation. Starting at a family-focused practice in 2010 drew her to women’s health, fertility support, pregnancy and postpartum care. The natural progression was to then see the babies and children of the families, which is still the case today. 

Mikaela continues her learning by attending regular seminars and conferences.  In 2017 she was accepted with just 2 other students, to learn grass roots and energetic medicine with true masters of herbalism.  This 2 month herbal mentorship programme runs once a year on the Island of Arran in Scotland.  She travelled to the USA in 2018 for training in BioFeedback technology, and continues ongoing learning through the associated college.  

Mikaela has a strong philosophy of ’less is more’ when it comes to supplementation, and is aware that the industry has gained a reputation for heavy selling and bags full of products.  By utilising the various tools of her practice, her focus is on finding the root cause to give advice that is practical and achievable.  She prefers a strong focus on food, lifestyle and energetic balancing as much as possible.

For more on Mikaela visit her website.

Gayle Roberts – Massage Therapist

Gayle Roberts, massage therapist North Lakes

Gayle Roberts is a trained and certified Reflexologist and remedial massage therapist and has been passionately practicing in the health care industry for 16 years. Most of those years have been in the local Moreton Bay area.

Gayle is currently training to become a certified CrainoSacral Therapist having already completed Level 1. Upon completion, Gayle will be able to assess dysfunctions and work with her clients to begin the correction process.

For 15 years Gayle has been a part of a team that helps the very beautiful people at The Carers Foundation retreat in Cedar Creek near Samford. These carers have a loved one that needs some sort of full time care and it takes a huge emotional, physical and financial toll on them personally and their families. Meeting and looking after the Carers for a day is incredibly humbling and fulfilling experience for Gayle. She is often moved to tears and comes away with such a huge amount of gratitude for all that is good in humanity.

When Gayle is not looking after others she is looking after her two large dogs who enjoy the attention of some of her therapies (very lucky and spoilt puppies!!!!) In her spare time she enjoys beach walks, camping and playing golf with her friends.

Trudy – Welcoming Committee

Trudy Clarke, receptionist at Ohana Health and Wellbeing

Trudy is a part of the Ohana Welcoming Committee and loves to take care of people from the moment they walk through the door. Just call her the Chief of First Impressions!

She started her CA (Chiropractic Assistant) journey in Melbourne where she enjoyed working for two chiropractors and an osteopath.

Trudy’s husband’s work commitments brought her to Brisbane where they have now lived for over 15 years. After working for 7 years as a CA in Brisbane she decided a change was in order. Trudy bloomed in a new career in floristry and owned her own business.

After time, the wellbeing field called her back and she began working in reception at a natural therapies clinic before joining the Ohana team.

Trudy has two amazing adult children who are the light of her life, not to mention Cooper, her very cute fur grandchild.

Kate De Goey – Practice Manager

Practice Manager of Ohana Health and Wellbeing, Kate DeGoey

Kate De Goey originally trained as an Enrolled Nurse in NSW and worked in hospitals in the ACT. She has been employed by QML pathology for the past 9 years. Seven years as a collector and the past 2 years as a co-ordinator. 

She is married to Dan and has two teenage boys. They have lived in North Lakes for the past seven and a half years and enjoy raising their children in the area.

Kate is a lover of life and enjoys renovating, decorating, up-cycling and having a coffee with friends. 

Kate is our green thumb and takes care of all our oxygen giving plants around Ohana. She is also a master at tetris-ing furniture into the lift – a priceless skill!

Karin O’Grady – Marketing Coordinator

Karin O'Grady, marketing coordinator for Ohana Health and Wellbeing

Karin (that’s me speaking in the third person, writing my own bio) has racked up a billion years in digital media… even when she didn’t know she was gathering those skills!

Ok, maybe not a billion but when you are putting together a bio it sometimes shocks to think how far back you could take this!

Once her 10 years in tourism marketing and product development came to a close with the birth of baby number one, Karin (me again!) begun a successful parenting and lifestyle blog. Baby number two joined her and so did her podcast, The Mummy Soul Sessions which was part of the Jackrabbit FM network run by McAlary Media (The Slow Home Podcast). When baby number three turned up (how did that happen?!) she begun working as a Virtual Digital Marketing Assistant for all the people she had met along the way.

Being a long time patient of Dr Jolene, Dr Fiona, Mikaela and Gayle, Karin’s entry into the Ohana team was a “no-brainer”. You will often see her at the front desk, she’s the one with her Social Media Portal (ok, her iPhone) in hand.