Naturopathy & Nutrition

The principle behind naturopathy is to look at a person from a holistic perspective, in other words, as an entirety. Each human is a complex being, consisting of a physical, emotional and spiritual body. The combination of these three elements creates the reality of our health state, and the absence of good health and wellness is termed as ‘dis-ease’. Naturopathy focuses on finding the cause of disease, rather than only treating the symptoms. 

Naturopathy addresses nutrition and the use of herbal medicine and flower essences primarily. Medical testing is also within our scope of practice, so referrals for bloods, urine, saliva and stoola analysis are possible if deemed appropriate

Mikaela is trained in both BioFeedback technology & BodyTalk, which can can be brought into a session if desired by an individual. Alternatively BioFeedback, BodyTalk & Reiki are available as a stand alone session.

In short, each session is an individual treatment that focuses on the key aspects of your health, with consideration of personal interests and needs.