Long time friends and colleagues have joined forces once again to provide North Lakes with the best in natural family health care services. 

Ohana is Hawaiian for family and this work team is one big happy family.

Dr Jolene Cooney (chiro), Dr Bron Miller (chiro), Dr Fiona Couchman (chiro), Gayle Roberts (massage, reflexology and craniosacral therapist) and the lovely Mikaela Duffy (Naturopath/Nutritionist/Biofeedback and Body Talk practitioner) have all come back together to provide the families of North Lakes and surrounding suburbs their amazing skills as practitioners. Our work family is a wealth of experience and self described nerds that love to keep up with the latest in research and blend it with good old common sense and 15 plus years of experience. 

Where have we been and what have we been doing?

Our chiropractors have continued to master their skills in low force adjusting and cranial techniques. Jolene has been speeding time in the paediatric research study arena,  Fiona has been literally climbing mountains and mastering the TMJ (jaw) corrections and Bron is mastering her sacro occipital technique to add to her wealth of knowledge as a previous nurse.

Gayle has continued her education and skill set in craniosacral therapy which she blends with her massage beautifully to bring peace and calm.

Mikaela has been travelling the world and studying bio feedback. This addition has helped Mikaela be even more specific with her naturopathy and nutrition services. She is one of very few practitioners in her field that aims to heal with less supplements not more. 

Now we are all back together, sharper then ever and even more energetic and excited to share our knowledge and provide our unique skill sets. 

Bookings are available for the whole team online or by calling 3204 6331.