What is BioFeedback?

In the same way as BodyTalk helps to restore the natural balance through finding core issues being held in the body, so too does BioFeedback work in a similar way.  The difference is that the help of cutting edge technology provides visual 3D images of the workings of the body to be explored during a session.  Our training with the ‘Medicine Way’ machine was done in the USA in Denver Colorado, where we will continue to train and update our knowledge.

Biofeedback technology is a way to read frequencies of body tissue to find where it isn’t functioning at its best.  Each cell of the body (and everything in the Universe) has its own sound frequency ranging from 6.5-84 decibels.  By detecting the frequencies that are ‘off’, we can establish potential issues, and then help to correct them by bringing the frequency back to its optimal state.  This is done by wearing a headset whilst relaxing and watching the screen, so is completely non-invasive.  Like all energetic healing, it allows healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels, and we use it in conjunction with the beautiful energy of herbs, food and BodyTalk, in a way to suit each patient individually. Signature remedies are commonly ‘imprinted’ during the session, giving you your tailor made remedy bottle to take home and continue the treatment benefits.

  • Biofeedback machine suitable for all except those under the age of 5 or pregnant. If you a medical history of heart disease or stroke, or are fitted with a pacemaker/metal structure/implant, you can receive a biofeedback treatment safely through a distance session using your DNA (hair, nails, saliva) to scan and treat that way.

This technology is available with Mikaela Duffy at Ohana Health and Wellbeing. Call us now to make an appointment.

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